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 Warsaw Ghetto to Gaza Strip- The Cycle Continues

*This is a private email to a city council member of my city, that I'm deciding whether to expand on in a public venue.  It would be opening a can of worms, that religion is a lethal threat to civilization,  that I'm not sure I want to deal with.  

Here are several recent articles that were featured on Dailykos, a liberal discussion group:
*Commentary on the Supreme Ct Oral arguments of  "King v. Burwell, with links to my contention that Justice Alito's discussion on "legal standing" echoed his distortion of Supreme Court principles.  *And this tongue in cheek one, "When technology collapses" -meaning no Dish TV a personal story. 
*Presidential Proclamation of Freedom FROM Religion
Two United States Presidents, Thomas Jefferson and Barack Obama.

Blasphemy, Fighting Words and Freedom of Speech 
Different lenses for "Charlie Hebdo."

Did you know that Bruce Dern slept with Eleanor Roosevelt
A misleading title for an important linguistic discussion

The "The Interview" has grown from a stupid film to an expanding international crisis, as I describe in this long essay, Cyber war, facing the risk.   This has engaged me from the beginning, with this OpEd submission to the LA Times, on their responsibility for shaping the evolving crisis.  Tragic events have overshadowed this event, but are connected as illustrated in the top essay.

Here's a discussion in the same vein of how a film studio will destroy the deeper meaning of a film, in this case "Birdman" to increase profit -  after it is released.

An essay by this atheist who found he is being prayed for, and wonders whether it is working during this Christmas season. 

Islam and Secular Democracy, is it compatible based on its religious tenets? As we are about to possibly embark on a major war against ISIS, the violent group that has a an attraction that we can't understand, it becomes necessary to breach the principle of protecting all religions, and look at whether Islam is a central source of this movement.  It is not something to do lightly, so my hope  is that readers take this developing article seriously, and make their own contributions

This is the link to , Focus on Encinitas-  including this article describing why I resigned from my Commission seat..  On the right are lists of articles if anyone is seeking any topic, especially the one about my opposition to "Peak Democracy."  This story of my transition is continued here

Linguistics, Politics and the loss of a perfectly good word, "Negro, the word, gets a reprieve"

More than a book review of "Divide, American Injustice in the Age of the Wealth Gap" 
And this NY Times comment, expressing the same sentiment of the book review, (written before)  that garnered wide approval on the perversion of our legal system. 

An academic website where I challenge their liberal bias, an extensive comment- warning heavy going 

The Pledge of Allegiance: A Personal Perspective
And this just written, Same Subject but a deep comparison with autocratic regimes, today and yesterday.

The Arts in America, Today and Yesterday. 
Written early in the morning of Independence Day

My comments. to  N.Y. Times Columns "The Philosophy of the film 'Her'  And this one on an article about the process of reader comments-- that informs my views on the Peak Democracy for my city. 

Sectarian Prayer in City Councils-Town of Greece v. Galloway    My article from October of last year when this Supreme Court case was argued. This comment, that I agree with is from Scotusblog that depicts this as tearing down the wall between church and state brick by brick. With links to the decision. 

 Chelsea King and Rachel Morrison- two tragedies two reactions 

Addendum to "The Humanist" article Normal Aging or Disease, ......

CA, Obamacare, the long and short view.  A valiant courageous effort to help the needy sick, or a continuation of the the war between the haves and the have-nots. For archival interest of ACA is this essay from a staunch liberal web site, that shows a surprising view in a poll of 400 readers .

Several years ago I  attended an open house at the museum of Creationism in Santee CA,   I wrote this article about my visit to the founder's Tom Cantor, bio-technology  facility in Tecate Mexico- updated to include second open housein 2013

Here is annotated article on Traffic Fads and Older Driver from my article in the Coast News-incorporating some concepts from articles below on dementia.

NY. Times: Data Mining comes to medical care- public health--

Humanism and the danger of awe looks at how science, the touchstone of secular humanism, can also become its cultish antithesis.  This Amazon review looks at a recent book with the same point of view..

This article, MCI or CRS, why the diagnosis of a decline of memory matters. is based on a new law relating to cognitive evaluation of Medicare patients.  It is an unknown aspect of the ACA. that impacts the culture of aging in this country.

Enlightened Christianity, is Secular Humanism up to the Challenge

This is a story of how the renovation of a McDonalds is affecting a three decade old informal after tennis social group--and a whole slew of toddlers.

This article,  Marriage Equality among Primates.   is a criticism of the tendentious nature and distortions of a recent N.Y. Times OpEd.  It includes response from the author.

The real clash of civilizations-
No longer economic ideology, but secularism  against religiosity

How Concierge Practice defeats  The Promise of Medicare

Progress on Immigration reform, and my reality check. 

"Facial features of dangerous criminals"  an unfounded "science" presented at our own county library.

Breaking the Code of the Presidential Oath of Office,

Response to N.Y.Times "The Stone." Notes on Pop Cosmology and it's consequences

Medicare and the ACA, Obamacare, will fail without a change is societal values, as this essay based on a rather shocking poll of doctors describes.  Comments include first person experiences of several physicians.

On returning from a local band concert, I initiated an exchange with the music director.  It's about the "war on Christmas"

This OpEd,  Peters' Brilliant Ad that Won the Election," was the most viewed opinion piece of the week in an on line newspaper ,"Voice of San Diego"  When political expediency trumps principle, the person should be called out, no matter what his/her party.

A Timely Thanksgiving Message to on World Peace and Tennis Conflicts

Alzheimers, or dementia, or just plain memory loss of aging?  These are medical biological issues but also reflects our culture, how we handle the infirmities of aging.  Here's a first person participant research of a major research program at University of California San Diego.

Aunt Lena, 1903-2012
A personal remembrance,

End of life care in America
Some ruminations on hospice the hope and illusions of ACA

I have been active The Soledad Veteran's Memorial issue for several years now, and report on the decision by the U.S. Supreme Court not to review the appeals court decision that the existing monument, a 42 ft high Latin Cross, that as of now is deemed an unconstitutional endorsement of religion.  The blog, Soledad War Memorial goes into detail of the current court action with links to court decisions and it's history since 1989.

I opposed the comprehensive health care reform referred to as Obamacare, as described in this comprehensive essay, complete with multiple references. These represent multiple essays on the liberal web site,, that were usually met with a respectful discussion.   One article referenced from the N.Y. Times was from 2011, the next article from June 2012.  Same conclusion with different focus, interesting in itself.

My report on UCSD conference referenced in the "Reader" Political Civility and Scientific Objectivity: Science, Technology and Public Policy in Democratic Societies is in this ongoing chronicle of my engagement with the issues raised there.  There is an element of confrontation with what I view as the entrenched ideological goals of the institution having an adverse effect on open inquiry.

This essay, My neighbor, the inventor of the personal computer, is a narrative of one of the less controversial issues of the conference, the effect of government research funding on major technological advances.

"Chelsea's Law, an Opportunity Lost"  is the story of a how a multiple rape murder became the impetus for a law that continues the counterproductive responses to a terrible, but thankfully rare, human aberration.

This is a discussion of my experience surrounding the 2012 Successful Aging Expo, focusing on my interactions with two speakers, research scientist James Brewer and talk show host Mike Slater.

Here is annotated  "Coast News" article on Darrell Issa, with links to sources
It is referenced above in contrast to my article on a Democratic Representitive

Here's an article on on the etymology and psychology of  Hoi Polloi,  which links to the one on "Factoid."

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