At this time, December 2009, I am focusing on two main issue, one local, the other national. 

The issue I have worked on extensively is the  Health Care Reform Legislation in Congress, presently being debated in the Senate.  The most important of my essays are on this personal blog, Healthcare Beyond Partisanship     I have an extensive analysis here of the non-partisan report by the Chief Actuary of CMS, the Medicare Agency, How to bury a warning to 45 million people, that explains why you have probably never heard about it.   And for my own personal expanding essay of the defects of the bill, including numerous references, there is this Heath Care Reform-Reality Ignored. V.3.0

I've written numerous essays on this subject recently (called diaries) on under the user name ARODB, intermixed with essays on various sundry other subjects.   One that is meaningful, was this review of a  article on Health Care Reform by the oldest liberal publication in America, Harpers Magazine

The one that is local, but with perhaps the most enduring importance, deals with the tension between religion and secularism in our national life.  It takes the form of a symbol on a mountain top in San Diego, known as the Soledad Cross.  My website on this subject is Soledad War Memorial.  A columnist for the metropolitan area newspaper, the San Diego Union Trbune, Logan Jenkins, wrote this column that described my position,  Get a war memorial we don’t have to fight over

He included part of a letter that I sent him about my hope, one that I would like to see mature into a proposal, and then , God willing, a movement that reaches fruition:
In urging a crusade for a replacement of the Mount Soledad cross, Rodbell asked me to imagine “a soaring work of art, abstract enough to represent the force of religion, the toll of war and the aspiration for peace. It would be a small example to the city, the country and perhaps even the world that there are ways to transcend the limits of a given political system. … The hardpan of congealed conflict has to be plowed, which will take many passes; and then perhaps, just perhaps, a symbol the entire city could be proud of could grace the highest point of ‘America’s Finest City.’ ”

Logan even provided this fragile movement with a name and a goal:
Support the Evolution of the Soledad Cross. Peace on Earth.


And on a lighter note, I've been somewhat involved in the discussion about the management of the Poinsettia Tennis Courts in Carlsbad, which I discuss here.